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Emmanuel vivier collaboratif

Let’s talk “collaborative”! by Emmanuel Vivier

At talkSpirit, we like words, especially their meaning. And there is one that we really like: ‘collaborative’, a very popular hashtag in the
By France Audinet
Le SaaS dans tous ses états

SaaS in Hysteria

If you had been told 15 years ago that software could be accessible from anywhere at anytime, would you have believed it? This is the reality
By L'équipe talkspirit
Using an Enterprise Social Network to Generate Diverse

Using an Enterprise Social Network to Generate Diverse, Company-wide Feedback

Whether it’s performance evaluation from managers, team brainstorming, or customer feedback on your product, the continuous and regular giving
By Jess Kitt
Remote Futur of work by talkspirit

Get all the work news you need anytime

The days of being confined to a single work location are dwindling. The nature of work has become more remote and distributed. In 2016, 43
By Jason Lim
9 things in internal communication

The 9 things in internal communications that are crushing corporate productivity today

In a workplace filled with unique characters, misunderstandings, and communication, failures are bound to happen from time to time. We are, after
By Deepak Shukla

How talkspirit replaced our internal emails

“Killing” the email has never been our primary objective. However, here’s the result: after more than 3 years, we no longer use internal emails
By L'équipe talkspirit