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Which Social Tool is Right for Your Business?

The data do not lie—social businesses are the wave of the future. Global revenue from enterprise social networks is predicted to grow from 3.85
By Craig Staufenberg

How to Find the Best Social Software for Your Organisation

Are you ready to streamline communication, improve efficiency, and have more engaged team members? Then it might be time to consider social
By Lauren Spindler

Manager : 3 Ways to Ensure People Actually Use Your New ESN

Forward-thinking B2C companies are getting—and staying—ahead of their competition by embracing social media. They are keeping their audience
By Craig Staufenberg

Build community through communication

All organisations and companies exist in an environment made up of internal and external stakeholders. On the inside, of course, there is
By Jason Lim

Networking Security in the Workplace: How Concerned Should You Be?

At any given moment nowadays, on-the-clock staff are checking and updating their social media statuses, reading feeds and networking on business
By Deepak Shukla
Jérôme Wallut transformation digitale

talkspirit meets Jérôme Wallut. Let’s talk UX!

The digital transformation forces an expansion of the IT lexicon and new words abound. We are talking about disruption, collaboration, internal
By L'équipe talkspirit