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Emmanuelle Abensur
Emmanuelle Abensur
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Ensuring data security and sovereignty is one of the main concerns of organizations today, particularly in sectors such as defense, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and government. Despite this, 9 out of 10 companies still don’t sufficiently protect their data,¹ making them more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Choosing the right digital tools is essential to limit cyber risks. Today, 68% of companies use cloud solutions to strengthen their data protection.¹ These solutions include the digital workplace: the virtual office that brings together all the organization’s important tools and data. 

To guarantee the security and confidentiality of this data, it’s now crucial to opt for a secure digital workplace. But how do you choose the right digital workplace? And how can the security aspect make the difference?

In this article, you will find the key arguments for choosing a secure digital workplace, as well as the criteria to take into account to ensure its security.

What’s a digital workplace?

First of all, let’s lay out some definitions.

Accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device, the digital workplace is a digital workspace that centralizes all the information and applications needed to work and communicate with stakeholders inside and/or outside the organization.

In addition to facilitating collaboration and remote communication, the digital workplace makes it possible to secure the information shared on your documents and work tools. That makes it an essential solution for boosting employees’ productivity as you keep your data safe.

However, keep in mind that not all digital workplaces are equal in terms of data security. You will have to pay particular attention to this when choosing your solution.

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Why choose a secure digital workplace?

Opting for a secure digital workplace has many benefits for your organization, the first one being reduction of cyber threats! The most common of these are ransomware, which usually infiltrates our devices via a phishing email (those infamous fraudulent emails we all receive and should never, ever open).

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In 2022, 66% of organizations worldwide were affected by this type of attack, an increase of 78% over the previous year. ² For 9 out of 10 companies, these ransomware attacks directly affected business operations and/or resulted in lost revenue.

Believe it or not, a cyberattack costs an average $16,700! This cost can be avoided by investing in a secure digital workplace, and implementing targeted awareness actions.

In addition to preventing cyber risks, the secure digital workplace ensures the security and confidentiality of your data, in compliance with the GDPR. This is thus a trusted solution for storing your company and customer data.

How should you choose your digital workplace solution?

The most important thing now is to choose your secure digital workplace. To check the security level of the solution, we advise you to: 

  • Ask about the software company’s or platform’s security practices, for example:
    • Does it have an information security management system (ISMS)? 
    • Does it have clear security processes in place? 
    • Does it host its data in a secure location? 
    • Does it perform regular security audits? 
    • Does it make its employees aware of cyber threats and data protection regulations? 
  • Check if the vendor has passed any security certifications (namely, ISO 27001 and SecNumCloud qualification, which are among the most important on the market).

If the solution ticks the majority of these boxes, it is a secure digital workplace. To make your choice among the remaining solutions, you can then look at whether it meets other criteria, such as: 

  • price
  • ergonomics
  • ease of use and deployment
  • functionalities
  • quality of guidance and support
  • CSR (corporate social responsibility) commitments

Talkspirit: the digital workplace that combines security and performance

At Talkspirit, we’re committed to unleashing the potential of organizations by offering them a solution that combines security and performance. 100% made in France, our digital workplace integrates everything you need to collaborate and communicate efficiently on a daily basis and in a fully secure environment. 

You can find features such as chat and video conferencing, project management, an office suite, a cloud storage, a home portal, a news feed, a library, a calendar, and much more. All these different features are accessible in all formats (desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet), which allows you to work easily wherever you are.

Example on how to get a secure digital workplace with Talkspirit

News feed and project managementChat, video conferencing and webinars on Talkspirit

To further strengthen our platform’s security, we recently passed the ISO 27001 certification, demonstrating that our information security management system (ISMS) is robust and effective. To take this a step further, we also plan to obtain the SecNumCloud qualification, which certifies that a solution has achieved one of the highest levels of security on the market.

Beyond being highly secure, our digital workplace offers an optimal user experience, thanks to an ergonomic and seamless interface that brings all your tools together in one place. No more time spent juggling a thousand different applications!

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To conclude

Choosing a secure digital workplace is an investment that will pay off in the long run. With such a platform, you’ll spend less time worrying about the security of your data—as well as less money managing cyber incidents related to security breaches. In short, you’re sure to find more peace and productivity.

Whether you’ve already implemented your digital workplace or are still looking for one, one thing is certain: it’s essential to ensure that your solution meets certain data security requirements. Talk to one of our experts to help you choose your secure digital workplace: 

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