Why Does the Digital Workplace Improve the Productivity of Your Employees?

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L'équipe Talkspirit
L'équipe Talkspirit
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The digital revolution is shuffling up companies at their very core. New work methods are appearing, accompanied by a new working environment: the digital workplace. For several years now, this all-in-one collaborative platform has been revolutionizing business practices and improving employee productivity. Here’s why.

What’s a digital workplace?

We all visualize what a physical office is like: a computer, a few pens, sticky notes, etc. It can be harder to imagine what a virtual office looks like. But that’s what a digital workplace is all about: a truly personal online workspace. 

From this personalized environment, accessible via the Internet, everyone can organize tasks, file documents, converse with colleagues, and use—right on the platform—all the various business applications they need on a daily basis (e.g. CRM, ticketing, project management, calendar, video conferencing…).

Why use a digital workplace? What impact on productivity?

Communicate better

The digital workplace promotes better information sharing within the company. The internal communication tools integrated into the platform enable employees to exchange information without borders, and therefore to access the skills of other employees at other sites or teleworking.

In addition, communication on the digital workplace is more horizontal. Above all, it’s both long term (within groups, for example) and short term (via videoconferencing or chat). 

Reduce mental load 

The adoption of a digital workplace makes it possible to limit the use of emails for internal exchanges. 

Gone are the hours spent every day answering dozens of emails to deal with situations that would be more easily resolved in a chat exchange, or via a short video conference call. No more mental strain on your employees’ minds when their email boxes are finally empty and fill up immediately.

Focus attention and effort

Finally, the digital workplace brings together all the business applications your employees need. This means they no longer need to juggle from one tool to another, and that saves precious time. 

That’s time saved that allows your employees to refocus on tasks with greater added value.

Enhance the employee experience

Whether it’s a question of attracting or retaining talent, choosing a digital workplace is always a winning strategy, and for good reason: young talent is on the lookout for companies with more flexible, collaborative and modern working methods. Once in their respective positions, the digital workplace guarantees them a better employee experience and a better quality of life at work, leading in turn to better talent retention

The digital workplace offers a different approach to work, with all the necessary tools at hand, and more horizontal, human relationships. This has an impact on the quality of life at work (QWL): your employees are happier in their jobs, and ultimately more productive.

At Talkspirit, this QWL is one of our core values, and we want our platform to contribute to it. 

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In short, setting up a digital workplace will enable you to make work and communication within your company more fluid, reduce the mental load of your employees, help them to be more efficient and improve their well-being at work. All these elements will have a positive impact on their productivity. Want to talk to one of our experts (free of charge and with no obligation)? Contact us!

-Author: Paul Maubareyt

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