The merger of Talkspirit and Holaspirit will help us create a new collaborative solution

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Emmanuelle Abensur
Emmanuelle Abensur
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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

A new blend’s brewing at Talkspirit… and Holaspirit. 👀 Both part of the Mandarina Group (comprising Talkspirit, Holaspirit, and NextGen), our two companies share a common goal: to unleash organizations’ full potential . In other words, help organizations boost performance, innovate continuously, attract and retain the best talent, improve workplace well-being—in short, boost their growth. All in a sustainable way.

To fully realize this ambition, we are pleased to announce the merger of Talkspirit and Holaspirit. A merger that will not only accelerate the growth of our two companies, but above all create a new, unified collaborative solution

What’s behind the merger of Talkspirit and Holaspirit? What impact will it have on our customers, now and down the road? And what will our “new solution” be? We reveal all for you in the article below.👇

Why this merger?

Two companies, one ambition

A pioneer in the field of enterprise social networking, Talkspirit was created in 2008 to streamline communication and collaboration within organizations, and thus facilitate the adoption of new ways of working

As these new ways of working also bring with them new modes of governance, new issues are identified. How do you retain employees and keep them committed throughout the process? And above all: how to do this in an agile way, while breaking away from “traditional” management methods?

It was in response to these issues that Philippe Pinault and Olivier Ricard created Holaspirit in 2016. Today a benchmark solution in support of new corporate governance and, more broadly, self-management, the company publishes software that helps organizations gain in transparency, agility and performance. 

With Holaspirit, for example, you can:

  • clearly visualize roles, responsibilities and accountabilities,
  • document your team processes, policies and projects,
  • define OKRs (Objective Key Results), so that all your employees are aligned on the same objectives.

With over 1,100 customers and 200,000 users in France and abroad, Talkspirit and Holaspirit ultimately share the same ambition: to unleash the potential of organizations. 

Thanks to this merger, we will be able to accelerate this ambition, and prepare more organizations for the future of work.

Strengthen product and team synergy

Our two teams and products also offer synergy, which this merger will help to develop. 

On the product side, our two platforms already have a complementary functional scope in many areas, such as communication, collaboration and project management. Based in Paris and Montpellier, our teams also know each other well, and have been working together for several years.

Quote of Philippe Pinault explaining the merge of Talkspirit and Holaspirit

Developing a reference work platform

Thanks to this merger, our 50 employees will be able to work together to develop an innovative platform, bringing together the best of Talkspirit and Holaspirit.

This 100% sovereign solution will combine the communication, collaboration and governance functionalities of both platforms, as well as their interoperability. 

Our objective? To offer a seamless user experience by bringing together on the same platform all the applications needed to work efficiently, transparently and agilely, but also responsibly. Without compromising on data security.

On this unique platform, our customers will be able to: 

  • chat and do video calls
  • read and reply to emails
  • share and react to company news
  • consult existing policies and processes
  • visualize who knows what at a glance, who’s responsible for what, and who reports to whom throughout the organization
  • continuously evolve their working and governance methods
  • and much more!

Strong synergy to accelerate our growth

With over 600 customers, Holaspirit generates 85% of its sales in Western Europe. Talkspirit, on the other hand, is more present in France.

With the merger of Talkspirit and holaspirit, we’ll be able to accelerate our development in other European countries—notably the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland, where Holaspirit already has a large customer base that includes Deutsche Bahn and Mental Better.

The impact will also be positive for our customers (present and future!), since they’ll be able to benefit from not one, but two platforms in one. 

Our customers wishing to develop their management methods will benefit from new functionalities such as role-based organizational chart or the implementation of OKRs (objective and key results). As for Holaspirit’s customers, they’ll benefit from more advanced functionalities for internal communication, team collaboration, and internal community management ( such as the news feed, the home portal, the library, and videoconferencing).

Thanks to this more comprehensive functional scope, our customers will be able to enhance their agility and performance, while also improving their teams’ well-being at work. Unleash their full potential!

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