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Joelly Kahono
Joelly Kahono
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The enterprise social network is an extension of the workplace designed to optimize internal communication and information sharing throughout organizations. It’s an opportunity to create connections between teams, to facilitate and offer them a space for open exchange.

On this internal social network, the goal is to propose interesting, relevant, non-repetitive publications to continuously capture the attention of employees, involve them in decisions, and make the platform an overall stimulating ecosystem. This implies having certain writing skills—but also and above all having inspiration!

Whether you’re in charge of internal communication, an HR manager, a CEO, or simply a manager of a group using this platform, you’ve probably had to make publications for your enterprise social network. However, it is sometimes difficult not to run out of ideas…

  • How can I prioritize the information I share?
  • How can I continuously innovate?
  • Which platform features should I use to make content more dynamic?

These issues can get in the way of creating posts. So, what better way to get inspired than with a list of sample posts for your enterprise social network?

In this article, we offer you some foolproof examples!

Developing recognition

Are you satisfied or even proud of your employees’ work? If so, let them know!

84% of those surveyed in the SHRM/Workhuman Employee Recognition Survey said that social recognition boosts their motivation at work.

Using the company’s social network to express gratitude publicly in a simple “kudos to…” or “you rock!” post gives meaning to employees and the work they perform, showing them that their actions have a real impact! This may seem unimportant or self-evident, but establishing solid trust with your teams and creating a culture of feedback within the organization is essential. Alas not everyone is great at giving compliments or feedback on employees’ work… We’ll give you a little help here, so put on your coach’s armband and check out these examples of gratifying words to praise your employees on your enterprise social network :

Example of a thank-you publication with a photo of the group on an enterprise social network
Example of a thank-you publication with a photo of the group
Example of a publication with a gif
Example of a publication with music content on an Enterprise Social Network
Example of a publication with music content

Some additional tips:

  • Don’t forget to mention the people involved or the working group dedicated to the mission.
  • Cite specific figures that emphasize success in terms of results.
  • Enhance your post with additional elements (funny GIF, team photo, meme, music to accompany your message, etc.).

Share the scoop

News is often the best source of inspiration!

Are you looking to create interesting, original posts for your enterprise social network that will arouse the curiosity of your members and get them to engage in conversation? To do this, rely on news—whether internal or external.

Internal news refers to hot information about your company, for example: 

  • Welcoming a new employee in the organization
  • Introducing a new product
  • Announcing an upcoming event
  • Highlighting key figures and stats on the company’s successes, challenges, and goals

Alongside internal news, external news focuses more on the data you find by exploring what’s going on in your industry:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Innovation in the sector
  • The economic pulse of the sector
  • New articles published on blogs you like (you can showcase these directly on your newsfeed by connecting the RSS feeds to your enterprise social network)

We are surrounded by information, so it is very easy to find news to share on various topics, but the key to effective internal communication on your enterprise social network is prioritization and personalization. This flow of information can inspire and push to share a lot of information, but be careful not to over-inform your employees, at the risk of discouraging them to read your publications.

To avoid “information overload”, we should always ask ourselves whether it’s relevant before sharing it:

  • What’s the purpose of this information? 
  • What’s the added value?

If you can provide a clear answer to either of these questions, then the news is worth passing along to your teams! The final step is to give it a catchy title—a short, precise description—and feed it with relevant content (visuals, graphs, diagram, article, or other). Time to get typing!

Example of a publication announcing the arrival of a new employee

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Communicate on an ongoing project

The enterprise social network offers the possibility to break the top-down information and to encourage a communication based on more linear and open relationships. Each member of the organization can use it to express themselves—especially on their expertise or on a current project.

The Talkspirit platform allows you to simplify these exchanges, boost team collaboration, and improve the work experience of your employees—wherever they are—thanks to its newsfeed as well as various tools for project management and document sharing.

In need of an opinion? Of an update on a project’s progress? Of a quick rally around a specific project in the works to boost motivation? It’s all possible with Talkspirit!

Indeed, highlighting the missions and projects of each person is a good way for your employees to:

  • feel more involved
  • see their work’s impact
  • stay more motivated

The role of the manager or internal communications manager is also to help employees communicate about their projects. To do this, he or she can give them good writing practices, but also propose ready-to-use publication templates.

The basis of these templates must be precise and customizable to avoid the feeling of “been there, done that” and allow each employee to adapt it to his personal needs and preferences.

Template to be used to announce a piece of news on an enterprise social network
Template to be used to announce a piece of news
Template to be used to communicate about a project or an achievement on an enterprise social network
Template to be used to communicate about a project or an achievement

Share tips, advice, and best practices!

Sharing knowledge among employees is a reflection of good communication throughout a company! Who doesn’t dream of having teams share tips and tricks to help one other and push others to improve? A culture of improvement that can be developed if you publish the RIGHT posts for your enterprise social network.

By promoting knowledge sharing, the company can improve productivity, strengthen collaboration, and stimulate innovation. In order for everyone to benefit from each other’s knowledge, and to create a collective memory within your organization, you can take advantage of the various features your internal platform offers you:

  • Share a video tutorial as an attachment to a post.
  • Share tips in a pinned publication that will remain available to teams.
  • Make a to-do list of tips in checklist format with labels that allow employees to quickly find the information they need.
Example of a publication for sharing best practices on an enterprise social network
Example of a publication for sharing best practices

Add a touch of humor

Your communication’s tone is the key to getting the message across. We’re all used to a formal tone of voice when talking about statistics, industry news, safety, and company challenges. But does communication have to be about information without emotion?

The answer is no! Publications have a key role to play in the relationship between employees and your brand image. Make your internal communication lively, based on experience, on people. In short, you’ll have a better chance of engaging your employees if they feel something when they read your publications (and especially if they smile!).

Adding a touch of humor to your publications for your enterprise social network can help break the idea of a pyramidal hierarchy and thus make internal communication within your company more fluid. Relations with your employees will be strengthened, regardless of their status in the company. 

That said, like cooking, humor can go a long way with the right dose. Here we’re offering you our own recipe:

  • Incorporate gifs (but don’t go overboard) 
  • Add cultural references or trendy memes
  • Take advantage of special days: April Fool’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and so on…
  • Propose a “fact-or-fake” quiz
  • Organize challenges or contests
  • Organize live Q&A sessions in the comments
Example of a humorous publication inspired by culture on an enterprise social media
Example of a humorous publication inspired by culture


*   *

No more lack of inspiration: with these examples of publications, you now have material to highlight your organization’s projects and develop your employees’ commitment. 

Want more tips and best practices to set up your enterprise social network? Reach out to our team:

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