4 ideas to improve information sharing within your organization

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The ability to quickly, easily, and securely share information within your organization is a must if you want your team (and company!) to perform at the highest level.

But even though effective information sharing is important, not every organization has the systems, processes, and procedures in place to enable that information sharing.

So the question is, if your company is one that struggles with effective information sharing, how, exactly, can you take your information sharing to the next level—and improve your overall operations in the process?

Let’s take a look at four ideas you can use to improve information sharing within your organization:

Audit your current information sharing practices

You can’t enhance information sharing within your organization if you don’t have a clear idea of how it is currently managed—and what areas offer opportunities for improvements.

Which is why the first step to improving information sharing within your organization is to audit your current information sharing practices.

Take stock of how information is currently shared within your organization. What systems and processes do you have in place for sharing information? What tools or software are you using? And, most importantly, what gaps or bottlenecks exist with your current practices that prevent information from being shared quickly, securely, and efficiently across your organization?

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When it comes to information sharing, having a clear picture of where you’re starting from can help you determine where you want to go and how to get there. So before you take any steps to improve information sharing at your company, make sure to do a thorough audit of the practices you currently have in place to share information.

Ask your team for feedback

As a leader, you have ideas about how information sharing can be improved within your organization. But while leadership and management’s insights are (of course!) important, there are people with even keener insights for how information can be better shared across your company—and that’s your team.

Because they’re the people that are actually sharing information back and forth every day, your team are the people who are most impacted by your information sharing policies, processes, and procedures—and, as such, they’re the best people to ask for feedback about how those policies, processes, and procedures could be improved.

Send out employee surveys and/or schedule focus groups to gather your employees’ insights on what’s working about your current information sharing processes, what’s not working, and what they’d like to see changed. Then, use those insights to drive your strategy around improving information sharing (more on that in a second).

The point is, your employees are the people sharing information within your company. So, if you want to improve information sharing within your organization, you’re going to want to get their feedback.

Develop an information sharing strategy

As the old saying goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” So, if you want to improve information sharing within your organization, a non-negotiable step is developing a strategy around information sharing.

Use the information you gathered during your internal audit and your employee feedback efforts to drive your information sharing strategy. For example, during your audit and feedback efforts, you might conclude that there are no systems in place to share important, relevant information to the entire company—in which case, you’d want to focus your strategy on creating a framework to quickly and efficiently disseminate information across the organization. For example, if your company is still using a mailroom to deliver postal mail, consider implementing a virtual mailroom instead.

Or maybe your employees deliver feedback but they have a hard time finding the information they need, when they need it—which impedes information sharing. In that situation, you would want your strategy to center around improving your organizational systems so that employees can more easily access (and share!) information.

Bottom line? You need a plan to better information sharing within your company—so before you make any big moves to overhaul your information sharing processes, make sure to take the time to create that plan.

Invest in the right tools

Your strategy will give you a clear plan for how you want to improve information sharing within your organization—but you’ll need the right tools to put that plan into action.

Look at the goals outlined in your information sharing strategy—and then do your research to find the tools and software that will help you achieve those goals.

For example, let’s say one of your goals is to make it easier for employees to find and share information related to a specific project—without having to search hundreds of emails in their inbox. In that case, you’d want to look for a platform that organizes communication and information sharing by groups, teams, or projects

Or maybe your goal is to streamline what information different teams and employees have access to at any given time (which can help keep employees from feeling overwhelmed as well as prevent important information getting lost in the shuffle). In that situation, you’d want to look for a software that allows you to customize the way different teams and users view and receive information.

Talkspirit offers many features that can help you achieve all those goals, such as an integrated chat that allows you to create different groups, video conferencing and webinars, a secure drive to store all you data, a newsfeed and a home page to share information with all your employees, and customize the content they have access to.

The point is, the right information sharing platform, like Talkspirit, is the key to improving information sharing within your organization—so make sure to invest in the right tools that will help you hit your information sharing goals.

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In order for companies to function at maximum efficiency and productivity, effective information sharing is a must. With these tips, you have everything you need to better share information with your employees—and take your company to the next level in the process. 

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