Managers, Instill a Feedback Culture in your Team!

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L'équipe Talkspirit
L'équipe Talkspirit
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Let’s remember the essential: feedback refers to the comments we receive that measure the perception of our actions or words by our environment.

We all know that feedback given in a useful, encouraging and positive way strengthens employees, makes them more accountable and engaged. But that harsh or critical feedback can quickly cause resentment and leave employees frustrated, discouraged or even wanting to change jobs. The idea of providing “positive feedback” doesn’t mean that you can never criticize a colleague’s work, but that it’s always possible to provide feedback to an employee in a constructive and encouraging manner. Not only is inspiring feedback effective at an individual level, but it can also benefit teams and be a source of cohesion and motivation.

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Here’s what you can expect from a feedback culture, whether for the individuals themselves or to boost your team’s motivation.

Strengthen cohesion

Teamwork isn’t always easy day after day. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, some teammates may just not like each other. That’s the beauty of positive feedback: it can strengthen employees as a team, encourage them to work better together, and show that hard work pays off. Team praise can also help all colleagues identify the value of those individuals they are the least compatible with. Finally, such feedback undoubtedly encourages the entire team to work in a more supportive, inclusive and forward-looking manner.

Increase recognition

Your teams perform tasks that would be impossible to do alone as individuals. Some projects often require a wide variety of skills and the exceptional abilities to communicate, collaborate and prioritize tasks. Thus, team feedback is an excellent way to congratulate employees for their collective work and to highlight the group’s performance.

With collective praise, we should highlight not just the tasks accomplished but also all the difficulties and coordination that were necessary to achieve them. By acknowledging both the hard work of your team and the success achieved, you show employees that you care about their results and productivity, value each of them individually, and are attentive to what they are capable of accomplishing as a team.

Improve performance

What’s more, feedback can be collective, given collectively in relation to a situation or a result achieved. This collective feedback is the ideal way to align expectations with the results and success of the team as a whole, in order to improve the team’s performance. In contrast to individual feedback, which can sometimes seem isolated or biased, team feedback is addressed to the group as a whole and focuses on the results that need to be improved, regardless of who’s responsible. Rather than targeting individual members, collective team feedback involves everyone equally. Team-centered feedback also grants team members greater freedom and autonomy. It allows them to receive these comments and concerns and then decide together how best to overcome setbacks and find solutions.

Create a positive culture

As a leader, one of your greatest responsibilities is to demonstrate the qualities and attitudes you expect from employees, to encourage them to surpass themselves. By regularly providing useful and encouraging feedback, you effectively teach employees to do the same. Little by little, supportive and edifying comments will permeate the culture of your company and your team. Colleagues will learn to help each other and ultimately encourage improvement. With a positive work environment, employee engagement, job satisfaction, productivity and profitability will naturally increase.

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At Talkspirit, we believe feedback is an amazing resource—both for individuals and for teams. As leaders in corporate communication and collaboration, our solution is specifically designed to help teams work efficiently, have effective discussions and share positive and constructive feedback. To learn more about how to encourage feedback on your internal social network, or to see Talkspirit in action, contact us or schedule a personalized demo today.

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