6 advantages of a unified communications platform

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Joelly Kahono
Joelly Kahono
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Temps de lecture : 6 minutes

How can we work efficiently without clear communication? It’s hard to imagine, when you know that communication is essential to effective business collaboration. Whether you work in an SME, a middle-market company, or a large corporation, you can’t miss this challenge… and that’s where the unified communications platform comes in!

Consolidated communication is the result of changes in the world of work and technological advances. This approach to communication is characterized by the centralization of the many communication apps with which we are all familiar—all within a single platform. Gone are the days of multiple app windows and an endless row of open tabs! A unified communications platform enables you to bring all your internal and external communications together in one place.

This solution has many advantages for companies and employees alike. To help you understand how it can transform the way you work, we’ll take a look at the six benefits a unified communications platform offers in this article.

Smoother internal communication…

If, like half the respondents to this Arctus study, you consider that improving internal communication is one of the major challenges your company faces, then the unified communications platform is the tool for you!

By bringing together a multitude of tools within a single platform, unified communication is the perfect solution to save the day for those who get lost among their open tabs and windows. You’ll find :

In fact, all these features can be found in Talkspirit, the 100% made-in-France unified communications platform. Why not give it a try? 😃

In addition to simplifying your work experience, this centralization of information helps you reduce information overload. You know that feeling of being overwhelmed by notifications, e-mails, and messages scattered all over the place. With a unified communications platform, you can end this nightmare and focus on what’s important: communicating effectively with your team.

Centralizing your internal communications also means interconnecting the various communication channels used within your company. Whether you prefer synchronized exchanges, such as instant conversations via chat, or asynchronous exchanges, everything can be managed from a single interface. 

Why complicate life with scattered tools when you can centralize everything in one place? Thanks to this advantage of a unified communications platform, your team will be more productive, and you’ll be able to concentrate on what really matters. Pick a unified communications platform and say goodbye to the daily hassle!

…and externally too!

While internal communication is often the focus, we shouldn’t overlook the positive impact that unified communication can have on external communication!

End mailbox clutter with a unified communications platform. Imagine a single, user-friendly interface where you can check and manage all your emails… That’s what a unified communications platform offers! No more going back and forth between apps to check your messages—everything comes together in a convenient, easy-to-access way! You can now spend more time drafting relevant replies and building strong relationships with your external contacts.

Your external contacts can also join your internal workflows by integrating your platform. The key to maintaining fruitful relationships with your customers, suppliers, or partners? Offer them a warm welcome!

When you receive a guest, you can give them personalized, secure access to your unified communications platform. This allows them to interact with you, access shared documents, participate in discussions and collaborate on specific projects. No need to send emails with bulky attachments or juggle between different platforms to share information. Everything happens in one place, simplifying communication and collaboration with your guests while maintaining the right level of security to protect your sensitive information.

More productive teams!

Do you know the secret to more productive teams? An unified communications platform is the key!

It offers many advantages, not least in terms of organization and flexibility. Thanks to the unified platform, you can organize your work more efficiently by projects and groups, and by grouping your files in one place. In the end, no matter where you are, whether you’re working from the comfort of your sofa or using your tablet or smartphone, everything is at your fingertips!

And that’s not all! An unified communications platform is an evolving tool, which means it can be adapted to your specific needs. For example, you can customize it by adding modules and integrations to enrich your tool and better meet your company’s requirements. You can then create a dynamic work environment that promotes optimal collaboration between your team members.

With a unified communications platform, make sure you have enough coffee on hand to support your hard-working teams because they’ll now be more productive than ever! 😉☕️

A time saver

What tips do you use to optimize work time? There’s no denying that saving time is a key goal for any business. That’s why unified communication platforms like Talkspirit are committed to saving you considerable amounts of time!

Thanks to its intuitive ergonomics and user-friendly interface, Talkspirit requires no pre-requisites or complex training. As a result, users can enjoy a smooth, pleasant user experience right from the start.

You can also save time by centralizing functions within the unified platform. With everything in one place and just a click away, you can send a message, share a document, schedule a meeting, or collaborate on a project in no time.

This ease of use saves teams valuable time that can be better invested in more important tasks. By avoiding the distractions associated with searching for and relying on multiple tools, employees can concentrate more on their work and achieve their objectives more quickly.

Cost reduction

Imagine being able to reduce costs while improving communication within your company. Well, that’s exactly what a unified communications platform offers!

No need to subscribe to video conferencing, instant messaging, and file sharing services, each with its own price tag, and expenses rising as you go. With a unified communications platform, everything is bundled into a single, practical, affordable solution.

6 advantages of a comprehensive communications platform prices

Would you like to compare the prices of the best unified communications platforms on the market? Don’t miss our comparison articles, where you’ll find detailed information on the financial benefits that such a solution can offer you, especially if you opt for Talkspirit.
Start saving!

In addition to direct savings, you also benefit from vendor-supported platform upgrades and enhancements. This means you don’t have to worry about additional upgrade costs.

And best of all, implementing a unified communications platform is an investment that pays off. Gains in productivity, collaboration, and work experience translate into long-term profitability. You’ll be able to get a return on investment that will put your accountant on cloud nine!

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So, yes indeed—a unified communications platform can DRASTICALLY reduce your costs and improve your finances. It’s a nice surprise you can take advantage of, and one that won’t gnaw away at your wallet!💸

Enhanced safety

When it comes to data security, it’s best to think ahead! Fortunately, a unified communications platform is one solution that can offer you enhanced protection for sensitive information and optimum confidentiality.

Thanks to the SaaS or “cloud” model, all your data is stored in a single location with the host. Reduce the risk of vulnerability—no more information scattered in the four corners of the globe! What’s more, providers of unified communications platforms often invest in robust security infrastructures to protect their customers’ data.

Our advice: Reach out to your software publisher to find out more. At Talkspirit, our experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the platform.

For even greater security against cyber-attacks, some platforms require additional security measures to access your space. These include two-factor authentication (2FA), which requires double-checking occasionally or with every login.

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Finally, unified communications platforms comply with security standards and certifications. They can comply with recognized standards such as SecNumCloud and ISO 27001.

Did you know?
Talkspirit is the first French SaaS unified communications platform to be ISO 27001 certified! This certification attests to the robustness of our information security management system (ISMS) and enables us to better identify and anticipate cyber threats.

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To wrap up, we’ve explored the five benefits of a unified communications platform! To sum up, choosing such a solution will enable you to improve your internal and external communications, increase your teams’ productivity, save time, reduce your IT budget, and strengthen the security of your data.

Ready to boost your internal communications and transform the way you work? Pick a unified communications platform and let your company’s potential soar to new heights!

Need help choosing the platform that’s right for you? Contact our team for our best advice:

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