Talkspirit: the best alternative to Microsoft 365?

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Emmanuelle Abensur
Emmanuelle Abensur
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There are many collaborative suites on the market today, including one you’re probably familiar with: Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). Used today by millions of businesses, Microsoft 365 has swallowed up almost half of the office suite market.¹ 

However, this solution is not suitable for all organizations—not only because of its price, but also because of the data confidentiality issues that come with it.

A great alternative to Microsoft 365 is the Talkspirit platform, which integrates both an office suite and several modules for better day-to-day communication and collaboration.

If you’re on the fence between Talkspirit and Microsoft 365, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll show you what the two solutions have in common, how much they cost, and what sets Talkspirit apart.

Talkspirit vs. Microsoft 365: what do they have in common?

Talkspirit and Microsoft 365 are two collaborative suites with many points in common. Here’s an overview of the most important ones.

All-in-one solutions

First of all, these are both all-in-one solutions, bringing together everything you need to streamline your teams’ exchanges and boost their productivity (instant messaging, videoconferencing, webinars, project management, office suite, drive, calendar, and more). Whether you use Microsoft 365 or Talkspirit, your employees will have no trouble sharing and co-editing documents in real time or discussing their current projects.

The only difference is that Talkspirit brings all these functionalities together on a single platform. Microsoft 365, on the other hand, has multiple file formats that you need to master and learn how to convert between, as well as separate tools (Yammer for internal communication, SharePoint for storing base documents, Teams for chatting and video conferencing, and so on). If you’re looking to streamline your teams’ tasks, Talkspirit is a perfect alternative to Microsoft 365.

Acclaimed ergonomics

In addition to their versatility, Talkspirit and Microsoft 365 are also recognized for their ergonomics and ease of use, which make it easy to deploy and adopt their tools. According to the G2 “Team Collaboration” report released in Spring 2022, 96% of Talkspirit users find the platform easy to use, placing it well above the market average.

If you’re looking for a solution that all your employees can adapt to on the fly (including those who aren’t necessarily comfortable with digital tools), Talkspirit and Microsoft 365 are both great options!

Inclusive access for external stakeholders

Another advantage: Talkspirit and Microsoft 365 let you invite people from outside your organization to your platform. This means you can talk to your partners, customers, or external service providers without having to use email or the telephone. Save time every day!

Talkspirit’s outstanding features

Although Talkspirit and Microsoft 365 are similar in some respects, Talkspirit nevertheless stands out in the category of functionality.

Peace of mind: data security and confidentiality

Unlike Microsoft 365, Talkspirit hosts all its data on OVHcloud servers within France. As a French publisher, Talkspirit is thus not subject to the U.S. Cloud Act. 

 The Cloud who?

Signed into law in 2018, this law allows the U.S. Department of Justice to order any U.S. service provider to give it access to data stored on its servers, including those located abroad. In practical terms, if you use a US platform like Microsoft 365, you agree that the U.S. government can access your data on request. 

Conversely, if you opt for a French tool like Talkspirit, you won’t have to worry about this problem. In fact, as the Talkspirit platform is not subject to this extraterritorial law, it ensures the security and confidentiality of all your data. Which makes it a sovereign alternative to Microsoft 365.

Team responsiveness and proximity

One of Talkspirit’s main assets is the responsiveness and proximity of our teams. We’re constantly attentive to the needs of each customer—no matter what their size or sector. Whether you’re an SME, a middle-market company, an association, a public authority, or a global corporation, Talkspirit will be with you every step of the way, helping you to get the most out of your platform.

You can also send us suggestions for improvements, so we can continue improving as we chart our product roadmap.

If you’re looking for an editor who takes your opinion into account and provides a rapid response to your questions, look no further than Talkspirit!

Email-free access

Last but not least, Talkspirit is accessible to all your employees, whether or not they have a professional email address. Thanks to email-free access, you can bring your blue- and white-collar workers together on the same platform. However, this feature is not available on Microsoft 365.

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Talkspirit vs. Microsoft 365: how much does it cost?

Let’s take a look at the prices of these two solutions. Available at from €5 ($5.38) per month per user, Talkspirit is slightly less expensive than Microsoft 365, which starts at $6.00 per month per user. 

Please note: if you want a more comprehensive package, Microsoft 365 will cost you considerably more: $22.00 / month / user for a Business Premium plan from Microsoft, vs. €13 / month / user ($13.98) for an equivalent Pro plan from Talkspirit.

Which option you choose will of course depend on your budget—but also on the needs of your organization.

To do this, we recommend that you schedule a demo of each platform and try both out with your team for a few weeks. Talkspirit and Microsoft 365 both offer free trial versions, so don’t put it off!

*   *

In many respects, Talkspirit is a worthy rival and alternative to Microsoft 365. Indeed, if you’re looking for a collaborative suite accessible to all your employees but not to the U.S. Cloud Act—and with responsive customer support—Talkspirit is one of the best solutions on the market.

Still not convinced? Ask for a Talkspirit demo so you can experience the benefits of our platform first hand. 

¹ Statistica study, February 2022

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