Talkspirit: best alternative to Google Workspace?

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Emmanuelle Abensur
Emmanuelle Abensur
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Temps de lecture : 5 minutes

Used by over 6 million organizations worldwide, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) has become a must-have for communicating, collaborating and managing team projects. But it’s far from the only collaborative suite on the market. 

Other tools can be tailored to your organization’s needs, making them a better alternative to Google Workspace. One example is Talkspirit, a French all-in-one collaborative platform that streamlines internal communication and collaborative working within all types of organizations (companies, government agencies, and nonprofits alike). 

So, how does Talkspirit differ from Google Workspace? And what makes Talkspirit such a worthy rival to this American giant? Here’s our analysis.

What Talkspirit and Google Workspace have in common

Before we look at the differences between Google Workspace and Talkspirit, let’s start by examining what these two solutions have in common.

Two flexible collaborative suites…

Firstly, they are two collaborative suites integrating several applications to facilitate team work, such as:

Chat, videoconferencing and webinars on Talkspirit, best alternative to Google Workspace
Chat, videoconferencing and webinars on Talkspirit

Both Talkspirit and Google Workspace let you collaborate with internal and external stakeholders so you can manage your projects more easily together.

Yet one important distinction is that with Google Workspace, you have to bounce around different applications (Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Meet, and so on.), whereas with Talkspirit, all these functions are present in a single tool. This can help you save time in your day-to-day work.

…easy to integrate and use…

Easy deployment and use are the first advantage of any great collaboration suite! That’s one benefit Google Workspace and Talkspirit share: users rate both as highly ergonomic.

According to comparison site, 96% of Talkspirit users find the platform easy to learn, while 91% find it easy to deploy. This means it can be set up very quickly—without any need for hours of training.

That’s an option that organizations with employees unfamiliar with new technologies might consider if they genuinely expect them to adopt the tool in large numbers.

…wherever you are

Another advantage of Talkspirit and Google Workspace is that they are available as SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions. This means you can access the information and documents stored on them anywhere, anytime, on any device. 

These two tools are therefore particularly interesting for organizations with mobile employees or working in hybrid mode. But that’s not all: they also enable you to remain agile. Unlike on-premise software, SaaS software lets you change offerings and activate or deactivate certain modules at the click of a button. As a result, they can be easily customized, adapting more quickly to user needs.

What sets Talkspirit apart

In addition to the elements mentioned above, Talkspirit differentiates itself in a number of areas, such as project management, internal communication, and data security. This makes Talkspirit an excellent alternative to Google Workspace.

A dedicated project management module

Unlike Google Workspace, Talkspirit features a dedicated project management module, enabling you to organize and track the progress of your tasks visually. No need for complex spreadsheets.

Like Trello, this module lets you create project boards and add tasks to them in the form of cards. On each card, you can enter a due date and subtasks, assign one or more users, and insert useful documents.

Team members can then easily find the tasks assigned to them via a dedicated view and stay informed of project progress via a non-intrusive notification center.

Project management on Talkspirit : best alternative to Google Workspace
Project management on Talkspirit

Expertise in internal communications

More than just a collaborative suite, Talkspirit also boasts expertise in the field of internal communication and dedicated functionalities not available on Google Workspace. In particular, the tool integrates a news feed and a welcome portal, enabling you to distribute information to all your colleagues in personalized fashion.

News feed and home portal on Talkspirit : best alternative to Google Workspace
News feed and home portal on Talkspirit

In addition to the drive, you can also use the library module to centralize your organization’s base knowledge like FAQs, onboarding processes, and mission statement, and make it accessible in the form of pages.

Finally, you can see at a glance who’s doing what thanks to the Talkspirit directory, which lists the contact details, expertise, and birthdays of all employees. If you’re looking for a solution to streamline your internal communications, make no doubt: Talkspirit is the best alternative to Google Workspace!

Enhanced data security

Is data security and confidentiality one of your top priorities? If so, it’s likely that Google Workspace isn’t the right solution for your organization.

100% made in France, Talkspirit hosts all its data in the European Union, in compliance with the GDPR. The tool guarantees the security and confidentiality of your data thanks to a robust ISO 27001-certified information security management system (ISMS). We’ve also begun SecNumCloud certification so we can offer our customers the highest possible level of security.

A team on a human scale to support you

Lastly, Talkspirit is a good alternative to Google Workspace for organizations looking for a human-scale publisher that can respond to their questions in a responsive way. At Talkspirit, we’re committed to providing you with a human experience that’s best suited to your organization. Several experts are at your disposal to help you define your needs, deploy your platform, and monitor how employees use it. You can also send us suggestions for improvements, so we can continue improving as we chart our product roadmap.

The Talkspiri best alternative to Google Workspace team
The Talkspirit team

Have a question? A suggestion? Don’t hesitate to contact our team below.

PS: we also offer customized support services: you can find out more about these here.

Talkspirit and Google Workspace rates

Let’s compare the prices of the two editors. For Google Workspace, you’ll need to pay between $6.43 (for a Business Starter plan) and $19.29 (for a Business Plus plan) per user per month, or even more if you want customized features. 

All plans offer access to the main Google Workspace functionalities, including chat, video conferencing, email, drive, and collaborative documents. However, storage and the number of videoconferencing participants remain limited depending on the plan you go with (for example, the Business Starter plan includes 30 GB of storage per user).

Talkspirit’s prices are a little lower. From as little as $5.59 per month per user, you’ll have access to the essential features you need to collaborate with others (chat, groups, videoconferencing, calendar, drive, etc.). Two other plans at $10.06 and $14.54 per user per month give you access to even more features, including webinars, project management, online office suite, and knowledge base.

Finally, if you want a customized solution, we’ve got your back! Click here to request a quote: 

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To conclude

What’s the key takeaway here? Talkspirit and Google Workspace are both excellent collaborative solutions. Google Workspace is better suited to organizations looking for collaborative features only and not having high data security concerns. Talkspirit, however, is better suited for organizations looking for an all-in-one solution that allows for better communication, collaboration and project management across all teams.

In short, Talkspirit can meet all your needs! 

Still not convinced that Talkspirit is a rock-solid alternative to Google Workspace? Schedule a demo to discover the benefits of our solution:

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