Talkspirit, best alternative to Microsoft Teams?

Temps de lecture : 4 mn
L'équipe Talkspirit
L'équipe Talkspirit
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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

You probably know Microsoft Teams. The rocket of the Microsoft 365 suite has been much talked about in recent months, especially during the period of forced remote work due to COVID. You may be wondering how to choose between Microsoft Teams and Talkspirit. Is Talkspirit a real alternative to Microsoft Teams? What are the specificities of each of these two solutions? Here’s a clearer picture! 

Talkspirit, Microsoft Teams: for whom, for what? 

Talkspirit and Microsoft Teams share the same objective: to encourage the development of collaborative work within teams. Using a tool such as Microsoft Teams or Talkspirit makes it possible to simplify and fluidify exchanges between your collaborators as well as the sharing of documents. And therefore, to save a phenomenal amount of time.

Do you spend hours every day going through your email looking for documents that you can’ t find? The collaborative platform provides a simple and practical solution to this recurring issue. 

Using a collaborative platform such as Talkspirit, or a team messaging system such as Microsoft Teams is nowadays a near necessity for any company. Particularly to facilitate the job of employees working on different sites (if you are a multi-site company for example) or working from home, and to develop cross-functional projects involving several departments or third parties (service providers, partners, etc.).

Talkspirit, Microsoft Teams: what they have in common

Talkspirit and Microsoft Teams are two collaborative tools that aim to put the digital at the service of people and businesses. These two solutions naturally have important common points.

Encouraging teamwork 

First of all, both are ideal to encourage teamwork within your departments and your company. Their many collaborative features will allow you to eliminate any barriers and unleash the full potential of your teams. Whether it’s on Talkspirit or Microsoft Teams, your employees can exchange via instant messaging, in groups or person-to-person, and share documents as a team: it’s never been more convenient! 

Bringing the entire business environment together 

Both Microsoft Teams and Talkspirit also allow the integration of many third-party applications. If you use Github, Google Drive, Pipedrive, or Trello on a daily basis: you will be able to continue using your favorite applications with ease, directly via the platform. Once you’ve configured these tools, updates to them will go directly to Talkspirit, so you don’t have to keep constantly logging in to all your business software.

However, although Talkspirit and Microsoft Teams share most of their advantages, Talkspirit differs from Microsoft’s solution in many ways

Talkspirit vs. Microsoft Teams: what makes Talkspirit unique

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A complete platform to communicate and collaborate

Microsoft Teams is ultimately just instant team messaging. One of the many applications that make up the Microsoft 365 / Office 365 suite. Talkspirit, on the other hand, is a true all-in-one platform: not only an instant messaging application, but also a document storage space, an office suite, a project management tool… All the functionalities and applications are natively integrated into the platform, and are therefore readily available in one click. And access is easy: your employees connect to Talkspirit with their email and their usual password, with SSO.  

An information hub for all the company’s stakeholders 

Talkspirit is an open ecosystem that will welcome all your stakeholders, including your service providers, partners, customers and suppliers. Thanks to the “Guest” access, you can invite your teams but also your contractors or customers to each project (who will then only be able to access it). This way, you can work together in a different way, with more fluidity and efficiency. You can indeed invite external people on your platform (thanks to the “multi-domain access” feature), even if they don’t have email addresses (“access without email” feature). 

An accessible solution from a financial point of view 

Obviously, this last point is essential. Talkspirit is almost 30% cheaper than Microsoft Teams. Available from 3€ per month, and per user, with access to all the platform’s features! What’s more, it is possible to test the Talkspirit platform free of charge for 30 days, in order to evaluate whether it really suits your needs. A free trial period, with no commitment and no credit card! 

All in all, while Microsoft Teams and Talkspirit share many common advantages, Talkspirit offers many additional features at a lower cost. Are you considering setting up a collaboration tool and are you hesitating between Microsoft Teams and Talkspirit? Our teams are at your disposal to help you.

Other Talkspirit advantages
Last but not least, Talkspirit still has a number of decisive advantages in store for you:

  • Storage: less restrictive than Teams, Talkspirit offers unlimited storage, unlike Teams, which includes storage even in their most expensive formula: 14.7€ / user and per month, vs. 3€ on Talkspirit (here is the price list for the Teams solution).
  • Accessibility: more inclusive than Teams, Talkspirit allows the connection of ALL employees to the corporate tool: multi-domain access and even to employees without an email address (= ‘blue collar’ workers)!
  • Data protection: 100% European (whereas Teams is an American service), Talkspirit is not subject to the Cloud Act and therefore more effectively protects the confidentiality of your data!

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Authors: Paul Maubareyt, Benoît Renoul

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