Talkspirit, best alternative to Slack?

Temps de lecture : 4 mn
L'équipe Talkspirit
L'équipe Talkspirit
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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Talkspirit: the collaborative tool made in France, which has nothing to be envious of Slack.” This is often how our solution is presented.  So let’s take this opportunity to look at the specifics of these two collaboration tools. What are the specificities of Slack and Talkspirit? For what are they used and which types of structures are they designed for? Why is Talkspirit the best alternative to Slack?

What is the point of using a collaborative tool like Talkspirit or Slack?  

The main purpose of Slack and Talkspirit? First and foremost, to make communication within the company more fluid, thus promoting collaboration within and between teams. And for good reason, on both Slack and Talkspirit, communication is much faster and more efficient than by professional messaging (= email).  

The sharing of information and documents on different “channels” or “groups” (i.e. dedicated discussion threads for a team, department or project) means that all parties involved have easy access to information, in real time. A revolution when we see the time wasted every day processing our emails and inspecting all the folders in our inbox looking for this or that document.

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Talkspirit, Slack: a lot in common

If you want to invest in a solution that fulfills the benefits listed above, Talkspirit and Slack will do the job perfectly. In fact, they both share a lot in common.  

Offering a quick learning curve 

Anyone who has tried Slack will say it without hesitation: the platform is intuitive and easy to use. The same goes for Talkspirit, which guarantees you an unmatched user experience. No need for training, as these software programs – which work on PCs, tablets and mobiles – are very intuitive. 

Talkspirit thus combines simplicity and user-friendliness, and will be easily handled by all your employees. Yes, even for those who are reluctant to use technology. That’s why a high proportion of our customers are SMEs or public organizations, and not startups.

Centralize your work in one place 

Slack is an excellent ally of your productivity, and allows you to centralize your exchanges, as well as many tasks in the same place. It’s an asset that Slack and Talkspirit share. 

Especially since Talkspirit allows you to natively integrate more than 1000 tools and software. Whether it’s your favorite CRM, your billing tool, your customer support or your project management: there’s a good chance it can be integrated with Talkspirit. That is to say that once the configuration has been made, new information/notifications from these tools will automatically go up in Talkspirit. This will save you precious time, and avoid you having to constantly switch to different tools.

Talkspirit vs Slack: what makes Talkspirit unique  

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Protecting your concentration

Slack is a great instant team messaging solution. Instant messaging, however, means a constant flood of notifications as soon as you receive a new message or someone notifies you. Talkspirit saves you from those annoying notifications that keep interrupting your concentration. You have at your disposal a feature that allows you to “disconnect” at any time, in order to work in the best conditions. 

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Evolution rather than revolution 

More than Slack, geared towards startups and tech teams, Talkspirit provides an alternative to Slack because it is a platform designed for companies and institutions that are undergoing a digital transformation and therefore not all teams are very “geeky”. Talkspirit simplifies your daily work, without disrupting all your usual processes, all the while respecting your internal workings. And with good reason: the best way to evolve and transform is to do it smoothly. 

A business tool, and more

Slack’s primary purpose is to serve as an instant messenger for a team or department. Talkspirit works similarly, but it is an alternative to slack in this respect because the software goes further by not only addressing teams, but the company as a whole (management and employees) and as an organization, as well as its partners and customers. It is a true enterprise social network, specific to the company and its ecosystem: not airtight but on the contrary open and inclusive, in line with current cooperation and projects. 

Talkspirit vs Slack: what are the rates? 

Last but not least: the financial aspect. There is no doubt about it. For 3€ per month and per user, you will have access to the full range of Talkspirit functionalities. This is 2.5 times cheaper than … the cheapest Slack plan. An alternative to Slack in terms of pricing. With Talkspirit, help your employees work better, together, without breaking the bank. It won’t cost you anything for the first 30 days: our free trial period allows you to try the platform, without even having to fill in a payment method.

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Authors: Paul Maubareyt, Benoît Renoul

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