Talkspirit Launches Its Free Essentials Plan

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L'équipe Talkspirit
L'équipe Talkspirit
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The Talkspirit team is delighted to announce the launch of Essentials, which offers free access to the platform’s essential features (chat, video conferencing, drive, and more).

The launch of Essentials is fully in line with Talkspirit‘s vision: to provide as many companies, institutions, and associations as possible with a high-performance solution to support the transformation of their work methods.

“With the rise of remote work, more and more organizations need effective tools to communicate and collaborate on a daily basis, whether remotely or onsite,” says Philippe Pinault, co-founder and CEO. This free plan is designed to help them gain agility by creating their own collaborative platform, and allow them to start “working differently” right away without hitting payment issues.

Here’s an overview of the possibilities offered by Essentials.

Essentials: benefits and features


Essentials is ideal to start working together with a collaborative tool. Free and without commitment, this plan allows you to invite as many users as you want.

A true all-in-one platform, Talkspirit Essentials offers you the possibility to: 

  • bring all your employees together
  • make exchanges more fluid
  • facilitate remote teamwork
  • energize internal communication
  • reduce the number and length of your meetings 


As the name implies, Essentials includes the essential features of Talkspirit. With Essentials you’ll be able to: 

  • communicate in real time via chat
  • conduct meetings by videoconference (up to 4 participants per session)
  • create open groups to facilitate team discussions
  • share publications in the news feed by integrating image galleries, polls, or checklists
  • connect up to three of your favorite applications (via integrations) to stay informed of all new events
  • easily identify all employees through a directory
  • store up to 10 GB of files in a secure drive
  • make the most of all your resources via our intelligent search engine

A springboard before going further

For organizations wishing to go beyond the limits of Essentials, it will be possible to opt for a paid plan that gives access to all the platform’s functionalities.

Indeed, with our Standard and Premium plans you can:

  • Launch expanded videoconferences (up to 35 participants per session)
  • co-edit several documents in real time with OfficeNow
  • access the complete history of your conversations, publications, and documents, with no time limit
  • use single-sign-on (SSO) to quickly connect to Talkspirit via Outlook or your Google credentials
  • create private and secret groups
  • conduct webinars and share your news live with livestream 
  • invite employees without email, as well as partners, customers, and suppliers 
  • store up to 1 TB of files on your cloud drive
  • benefit from dedicated support to help you deploy your platform
  • set up a chatbot that will instantly answer your employees’ recurring questions

When upgrading from Essentials to Standard or Premium Plan, the upgrade is done instantly and without loss of data.

To learn more, see our pricing page.

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Want to make teamwork more fluid and improve your internal communication? Create your Talkspirit platform for free:

Author: Emmanuelle Abensur

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