Improving Internal Communication Across Chain Stores: PUR etc.’s Testimonial

Temps de lecture : 3 mn
L'équipe Talkspirit
L'équipe Talkspirit
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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Improving information sharing within chain store networks is a challenge for many retailers. PUR etc., a virtuous and gourmet restaurant chain, chose Talkspirit to streamline internal communication and boost the exchange of best practices. Vincent Viaud, the brand’s co-founder and president, tells us about the challenges and benefits of deploying the platform.

Founded in 2011, PUR etc. offers on-site, take-out and delivery catering focused on nutrition, using organic, fresh, and local home-cooked products. “Great taste, common sense and a good heart” are the brand’s core values and determine the structure of its communication and recruitment.

Key figures:

  • 11 restaurants in the Île-de-France and Alsace regions
  • 9 branches and 2 franchises in September 2020
  • 70 employees

Internal communication, the No. 1 issue for a chain store network

Vincent Viaud explains that in 2019, he and his partner launched a phase of brand introspection to reinforce its values. This approach highlighted a lack of exchange and internal collaboration. “Our artisanal operation requires sharing information, which is crucial. This is a big issue in a horizontal company such as ours,” the founder explained. “Here information was circulating poorly, whether too centralized at the managerial level or stuck at the team level.”

Difficulties in exchanging best practices and sharing information are reinforced by the fact that most employees do not have a professional email address. “We never wanted to use WhatsApp. It‘s too intrusive for our teams, and using personal email has to remain relatively infrequent. So, it was really complicated to communicate in a global way with the teams while encouraging cross-functional exchanges.

Talkspirit adoption increases interactions tenfold

As soon as Talkspirit was implemented, changes were visible. “Teams now communicate with each other or with us through chat. Before, information all went up to management: I was saturated with emails, and my answers sometimes took a long time to arrive. Now, employees can submit problems or technical issues on Talkspirit, and a colleague who has already solved this type of problem can help, stimulating collective intelligence!

In addition to this real-time communication, PUR etc. managers also use Talkspirit to reinforce the business culture of restaurant managers and raise their awareness of zero waste and organic agriculture via internal publications and feature articles that support these values.

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Positive feedback from the team

With a usage rate close to 100%, teams’ adoption of Talkspirit has been a great success, with a majority of connections via the mobile app. As they have adapted to this tool, Vincent Viaud has made his teams aware of the importance of disconnecting outside work hours, which grants them the freedom of setting up notifications as they wish.

“The chat has allowed us to get to know our colleagues and build relationships. At the management level, Talkspirit reinforces team proximity and strengthens the sense that we’re all accessible.” In certain communities, Vincent also notes greater commitment to the brand values, with a thread of thanks between employees that is gradually growing. Some restaurants spontaneously share photos that are then used on the brand’s social networks. “We celebrate departures and arrivals, and that breaks the anonymity immediately. New recruits immediately integrate Talkspirit, knowing it’s a central tool for us. Our challenge was to strengthen the business culture and brand ownership and avoid the sense of isolation; mission accomplished!

Talkspirit’s opinion on PUR etc.’s challenges

Creating links, cohesion and a business culture is a challenge for all networked companies, especially in a context where physical meetings are rare and complicated.

The adoption of an enterprise social network promotes the emergence of a sense of belonging, as well as a fluid and transversal flow of information by erasing hierarchical levels. The sharing of documents on the Drive also makes it possible to provide information that nourishes the company culture, reminds us of processes, and facilitates daily life.

Talkspirit is well-suited for companies such as PUR etc. where not all employees have a professional email address because accounts don’t need to be associated with email addresses to be activated.

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Author: Clémentine Garnier

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