20 use cases for your collaborative platform

L'équipe Talkspirit
L'équipe Talkspirit
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Define the set of uses for your collaborative platform

You have decided to launch a collaborative platform or a corporate social network in order to solve communication, circulation of information or collaboration problems… Or to guide your organization towards adopting new practices: Well done!

Launching a collaborative platform such as Talkspirit will give access to new possibilities for new practices and endless use cases. You will certainly have in mind one or two immediate and practical situations for which you will launch a project and associate to it your own set of purposes. But which use cases should you adopt for your collaborative platform?

Here’s a list of the 20 most common purposes for which our clients use Talkspirit. We will describe them progressively in order to share new ways to undertake a project, to innovate,  to improve team spirit… Feel free to draw from these ideas those that you may see as pertinent to your context and establish your own set of internal use cases that you will introduce to your colleagues.

  • Undertake a project, create a team of partners for a project
  • Conduct market intelligence
  • Track your company’s activity on the Internet / social media networks
  • Conduct thematic monitoring, carry out continuous training
  • Share follow-ups to commercial activities, improve collaboration when responding to calls for tender, have better expectations before an action
  • Give your clients a greater voice within your company, increase customer satisfaction
  • Transform employees into brand ambassadors on social media networks, increase the visibility of your company
  • Involve employees in the definition of the enterprise strategy
  • Facilitate a club of ambassadors or partners
  • Promote sharing and feedback, speed up innovation development
  • Improve business processes, eliminate annoying elements
  • Facilitate feedback
  • Organize an event, celebrate a milestone
  • Develop mutual support and share good practices within a profession (communicators, HR, managers…), share knowledge
  • Improve communication with on-the-job employees, develop cohesion, strengthen the sense of belonging to the company
  • Share news from a location, host
  • Publish information bulletins to the entire organization
  • Speed up operations, automate information broadcasts, synchronize
  • Promote digital transformation (acculturation)
  • Improve the welcoming of new employees, speed up their integration


This article is part of a series focusing on to the best practices to be adopted for the launch and implementation of a collaborative platform or private social network within a company or organization.

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