What are the Best Digital Workplace Solutions?

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L'équipe Talkspirit
L'équipe Talkspirit
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Digital is an increasingly important part of our daily lives. Its use within companies is ubiquitous, and the digital workplace is just another chapter in this story.

The adoption of digital in processes, tools and at the heart of the company’s business has an immediate impact on the way organizations and employees work. More than ever, it appears that digital transformation is an essential step for any economic player wishing to ensure its sustainability and remain competitive

The digital workplace, which has only recently appeared on the collaborative landscape, offers everyone a virtual office, synonymous with the ability to work from anywhere and on all types of digital media, with flexibility and agility.

The digital workplace: a fully digital work environment

In a workplace shaken up as of late by so many recent innovations, the reality behind the term digital workplace is perfectly tangible because it’s—no more and no less—a digital version of your physical work environment.

Just like in an office where you have all your files and tools at hand, digital workplace solutions provide a workspace that brings together all the tools, applications and documents you need every day to complete your assignments.

You’ll find everything you need to:

  • share and store documents
  • monitor and coordinate projects
  • work on office documents (alone or with others)
  • communicate via instant messaging
  • exchange in videoconference
  • interface with tens / hundreds of third-party collaborative tools 

The digital workplace allows employees to work wherever they are. This is a definite asset, while teleworking has acquired in recent months the status of a “valid,” efficient way of working and seems destined to become more widespread / sustainable.

So, let’s look at the main digital workplace solutions on the market that will allow you to work more collaboratively, more efficiently, and with more agility. 

Six digital workplace solutions made in France


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Initially an internal social network for companies when it was created in 2008, Talkspirit has gradually evolved into a digital workplace. Its extensive functionalities enable employees to connect with each other, facilitate information sharing and conversations, and make teamwork more fluid. 

Now a true digital workplace, Talkspirit aims to simplify internal communication and work with others by embedding several hundreds of business applications through webhooks and its directory of apps. With one promise: to offer an efficient platform that’s also very pleasant to use on a daily basis. The solution was distinguished in 2020 as a  Category Leader in the categories “Instant Messaging & Chat” and “Remote work” by GetApp, the review site of Gartner  (more information).

100% Made in France, RGPD-friendly and hosted in France via OVHcloud, Talkspirit protects your personal data and supports you throughout the implementation of your digital workplace project.

Talkspirit video presentation:

For more information: www.talkspirit.com


Jamespot is positioned as a true personalized work hub for employees. Each employee has a personal agenda, a team agenda, and access to all the key indicators related to his or her own activity. 

Jamespot is distinguished by its user-friendly ergonomics and adaptability to each company’s specific needs.


SharePlace is a collaborative platform whose specificity is to rely on artificial intelligence. The editor focuses on work efficiency—both at the individual and collective levels—as well as on the quality of employees’ work lives. 

Finally, the data is protected via blockchain technology.


Lumapps’s goal is to unite internal and external communication of organizations on a single platform. Lumapps is appealing for promoting employee engagement and enabling them to work and collaborate more efficiently. 

eXo Platform

EXo Platform is an open-source collaborative solution with a wide range of functionalities. You can choose to use all or only part of its features, which include a collaborative intranet, project management, and ESN (enterprise social networking) tools.


Jalios offers a very complete solution, with access to community spaces, content management, internal communication, etc. Like Talkspirit or Lumapps, Jalios also integrates numerous programs directly into its interface.

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One thing’s for sure: the digital workplace is the working environment of the future. Don’t wait to reserve your spot.Want to take the leap, but don’t know where to start or how to go about it? Contact us: the Talkspirit team will be happy to advise you and accompany you on your project if needed. You can also sign up for a demo session to discover the platform in detail:

Author: Paul Maubareyt

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