Talkspirit in pre-launch phase

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Here we go, the launch’s private phase for our new product over, we are ready to welcome the world to Talkspirit ; or at least, those eager to start a new communication and collaboration experience!

What is Talkspirit?

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The best way to describe Talkspirit would be, a digital platform, communications hub, productivity tool linked to all the tools you use on a daily basis. A WOW factor user experience to boot, distinctive key feature we hope will make us stand out, our team’s joint commitment and the challenge of taking you to this “future” in the best possible way.

Why Talkspirit?

Team and organization work is made simpler with Talkspirit through essential communication features, shared information and exchange. Talkspirit brings users closer together and makes their exchanges run smoothly. Through tool integration, Talkspirit also brings teams closer to the information they need to adjust on a day-to-day basis, therefore making the best decisions. Ultimately, by simplifying collaboration with their partners and welcoming the voice of the customer internally, Talkspirit helps teams to better succeed in their projects.

Our next steps

Today, the service is taking the next step. Since the private beta launch in October, over 600 teams and organizations have already created their platform. Some of which became our first clients and ambassadors before our on-line invoice and payments page had even been set up. The Immobilière 3F group, Rossel La Voix multimedia group or even the SSII Squad to mention just a few.

This blog is aimed at sharing our next launch phases and developments with you. The approach is continuously evolving, each day, to integrate new features. Highly vigilant towards the quality of our user’s experience, we make a point of constantly moving forward to bring you and your team the best communication and collaboration experience. It’s time for you to judge.
Help us help you, together we can do anything.


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