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It has been well over 2 years by now since we officially launched the third version of Talkspirit – and quite a lot has changed since then. Here is an important update for Talkspirit.

After all, building an awesome product isn’t easy; it takes time, devotion, hard work and quite a lot of trial and error. Ever since our initial launch back in 2015, we have been working around the clock to continuously provide a better product.

Continuous improvement however requires continuous feedback, which is why the free version of Talkspirit has been so dearly important to us. Organizations were able to receive great value for free, with zero obligations, whilst giving valuable feedback in return – a true win-win.

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We will continue to keep on changing; which is why we are now entering a new phase. A new approach that is not only more suitable for this industry, but will also enable significantly higher improvement and innovation rates than ever before.

Since March the 31st, Talkspirit therefore stopped supporting the free version, and started to exclusively offer the pro version instead. Every user will therefore enjoy Talkspirit’s capacity to the fullest, for a fair €3 per user, per month.

All users can now enjoy Talkspirit without any limitations whatsoever, as we have changed free accounts to Pro with a 30 days trial.

We are looking forward to sharing our upcoming developments and innovations with you in the near future. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at, we’ll be ready to get back to you.

Philippe Pinault

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