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“Organizations don’t change, people do,” Steve Vamos, former executive at Microsoft and Apple.

Agility in a Few Words

Agility is a method, or an approach, and it’s mostly about agile projects. Updated in 2001 in the IT field, agility proposes to question the traditional project management approach which consists in delivering a finished product without leaving room for change.

Instead, the principle of the agile method aims to place the product at the center of the reflection, involving the customer throughout the evolution of the project. Based more on collaboration, it relies on an empirical approach that leads to a better understanding of needs. Farewell to the tunnel effect, and give way to an iterative method that allows us to be reactive, to test the validity of the project as it progresses while readjusting its development if necessary based on feedback.

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What About the Digital Transformation in All This?

Digitally transforming one’s business is not just a matter of upgrading IT. Being digital means first of all knowing how to adapt and be reactive in a constantly changing world. Seen through the prism of digital transformation, agility is a very valuable tool, because it allows you to instil a state of mind and a true culture of change.

By drawing inspiration from the agile method, it is possible to deploy a transformation without necessarily deconstructing everything, but rather by working on certain experimental projects in “test-and-learn” mode, involving employees and customers. This is a way of breaking down communication barriers, overcoming traditional structures and working in a network to promote the expression of innovative ideas.

In a Nutshell

If there’s only one thing to remember, before any digital transformation, let’s start by being agile!

Agility and its Favorite Keywords

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Author : France Audinet

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