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Social networks are living an important change with the integration of services and work applications. If 100% of their content used to be shared manually, it is now different as the integration of services and work applications to social networks  allows an almost immediate access to any source of information, useful to the functioning of a team or group. In this sense, news spread out faster, better and make easier the process of decision making.

Here’s a few examples of integration of services:

Twitter Integration


each tweet from the Enterprise account, each mention of the Enterprise, each tweet with an # products a shared publication in a group. This integration accelerates the internal penetration of the client, the relaying of news to the affected services and facilitates the share and the rebroadcast by collaborators (logic of ambassador program).

Integration of a Customer Relationship Management application

Each new opportunity which is created or signed in the CRM leads to an automatic publication in an identified group. This integration accelerates the relaying of news to the teams which acts before the signature of commercial operations. It also allows a better anticipation and it facilitates the collaboration between selling teams and realization teams (which rarely access to the CRM)

Integration of a RSS flow

Each new note on the official blog from an expert or competitor products an automatic publication. This integration facilitates the watch and the continual formation on given thematic.


Each team reunited in one or several group of work on the social network has now the ability to connect -independently of a centralized administration- the sources of informations that it needs to its group so it can continually synchronize.

In the same way as extended reality allows a user to better understand his environment by reaching news which come on top of reality, our goal is to allow a team to connect to every source of information important to understand its environment which changes all the time.

Our vision of an extended team in 2016, is a team that has the ability to both share classic information and communicates instantly to facilitate the coordination and the decision-making.

There is it: let’s try it!


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