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Two words that greatly matter

Here at Talkspirit, we are constantly trying to develop our software based on the wishes and desires of our dear customers.

Accordingly, we have officially launched an update that will change the way we address one another on the platform forever. Rather than using remote terms such as ‘internal’ and ‘external’ users, we decided to lighten things up a little bit by using more sociable terms like ‘members’ and ‘guests’.

We found that many users tend to work on a wide variety of projects at the same time. Additionally, whenever one or multiple projects contained several users from different organizations, the words “internal” and “external” users seemed to cause confusion. All in all, an unnecessary inconvenience that can easily be avoided with this small, yet crucial change.

Invitations with more flexibility

In other news, we’ve taken advantage of the update by adding some additional features related to the invitation process of other members and guests. Overall, we provided more ‘management and control’, as administrators are now able to decide ‘how’ members can join the platform and whether or not members will be allowed to invite others.

In addition, it is now possible to allow any member to sign up to your platform, with or without any restrictions. Besides that, members can now be authorized for registering at your platform, with or without any restriction on the email domain.

As there are quite some new features in place, we decided to make some changes the interface as well – inviting members or guests in one or more groups should be easier than ever before.

So there you go, everything you need to know to get cracking with the new member recruitment features! In case you’d like to have a closer look, our knowledge base provides all the further details related to this topic.


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