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As it blends in very well, this recent change may have gone unnoticed at first; but when looking very closely, you’ll notice the difference. Upon opening any conversation in Work Chat, you’ll now find a discrete search bar on the very top of the screen. Even though it might seem like a small change, it will make communication with others a hell of a lot easier.

So here’s how it works.

The search tools works for any Work Chat conversation – both private and group chats – and provides two major possibilities at its core:

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1. Find conversations

Whenever clicking on the search bar, you can search for specific keywords to recover old conversations. The search tool will then search the entire conversation history for conversations that match these exact keywords. Clicking on “see context” will then open a part of the entire conversation; giving a broad idea what the conversation was again about.

2. Find sent files

On the right-hand side of the search bar, you’ll find a small ‘attachment icon’. Clicking on this icon will show all documents that were sent throughout history. Alternatively, you can also search for a specific keyword at the same time to narrow down your search results.

So there is it, one of those little things that can make a big difference.

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