Communication and conversation at the heart of Talkspirit

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Communication and conversation are two central functions within Talkspirit. We started from a blank sheet to make Talkspirit a communication hub between you, your team members and all your ecosystem: other teams within your organization, partners, freelancers, customers and the wider market.

Our obsession is to allow immediate exchanges, simple, fluid, … whatever the tools and places that host these conversations. We want to make Talkspirit a powerful solution to easily connect you daily to the people and contents needed to do your job.

The first function of communication and conversation are divided into two apps:


talkspirit interface


Messaging- communication

Messages allow you to share content to one or more users or groups in an open or private way (groups / private groups).

Message recipients can start the conversation by commenting the message.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging allows you to chat with your colleagues in real-time. You can have one-to-one or group conversations. The chat is an instant communication tool that makes it an essential complement to the mailbox.

For now, these functions are accessible only to members of your team / organization, but we work at opening them to external members of your team / organization.


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