What Drives Company Performance?

Joelly Kahono
Joelly Kahono
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On the road to better performance, which route will you choose? 🤔 If you’re on a quest for growth and success, it’s important to take the right road! Performance isn’t just a destination—it’s a journey dotted with strategic decisions and levers to pull. What are the main levers that drive company performance? How can we best understand and analyze performance? In this article, discover the keys to proven gains in productivity! 🏆

Top-notch employee experience!

In the quest for optimizing company performance and success, the employee experience is essential. This means creating a work environment where trust reigns, modern tools smoothen work flow—and above all—a team where everyone feels important. Companies have understood this: in 2021, 43% of them have launched actions to improve the employee experience, a significant jump on the 25% of the previous year.

Well-being at work

To boost your company’s performance, turn to QWL! If these 3 letters don’t yet mean anything to you, you might have been sleeping for the past couple of years… 😴 We’re talking here about Quality of Work Life, or wellbeing in the workplace—concepts essential to a company’s success. To achieve this, you can set up a program to raise awareness of psychosocial risks and offer your employees a healthy, balanced working environment. It’s a winning bet for improving overall company performance! According to a study by Harvard and MIT, happy employees are on average 31% more productive!

Employee commitment

An employee who feels good is also an employee who wants to commit to his or her company. But for this to happen, you need several components. For example: freeing up feedback, congratulating and rewarding successes, applying a management style based on trust… These are just a few of the ways of valuing and giving meaning to your employees’ daily work. 

In this way, you develop a genuine sense of belonging. This fosters strong, lasting commitment. 🤝 And commitment is one of a company’s key performance levers!

The 2 Cs: communication and collaboration

“All companies have to communicate and collaborate in order to function,” you might say. But did you know that to achieve better results, you need to reinvent the way you work? Get ready for change!

According to a Mitel survey, French companies lose over €9,000 per employee a year due to ineffective collaboration and internal communication. To avoid this, optimize the way you work

Say goodbye to internal mail and scattered information. Opt instead for chat, news feeds and groups. Internal communication is clearer and reaches the right targets, fostering commitment and facilitating collaboration.

Effective collaboration, on the other hand, is about merging individual skills to achieve common goals. As you can see, communication and collaboration are inseparable levers for improving a company’s performance! ☝️

Are you seeking an all-in-one solution to communicate and collaborate more effectively? If so, meet Talkspirit! Our platform offers you incredible functionality that combines chatting, videoconferencing, information sharing, project management, and much more.

A more agile and transparent organization

To improve company performance, you also need to optimize your internal organization.

Agility is a highly beneficial approach! According to a Neoma study, agile companies are 2.7 times more successful than others. 

How can you become an agile company? All it takes is flexibility, fast decision-making processes, and an innovative mindset. The longer the road, the more pitfalls you’ll likely encounter. But the ability to adapt quickly to change means you can not only seize more opportunities but also reduce risks. With that perspective, speed on towards performance! 🚀

Internal organization also includes the culture on which the company is built. For example, a transparent culture is one of the most attractive performance drivers! It’s characterized by an environment where communication is open, honest, and accessible at all levels. This strengthens individual and collective accountability, creates synergy, and encourages initiative. That’s the perfect recipe for boosting your teams’ performance. Platforms such as Holaspirit are invaluable allies in building and promoting this culture. This is what our CEO Philippe Pinault shares with you in this video. 👇

Technologies tailored to your needs

Choose the right tool

To be successful, you need to stay at the cutting edge of emerging technology. The world is changing, so why shouldn’t you? Break out of your routine and explore what’s newly available that can revolutionize the way you work! Choosing the right tool is the key to boosting company performance. A cloud storage solution? Self-management tools? An intranet? An enterprise social network? Perhaps even all of the above? 🤔 Adopting a solution tailored to your business can optimize your work processes and enhance the employee or customer experience

👉 Have a look at our list of the best collaboration software to find your company’s next performance levers.

Know how to measure and analyze performance

First of all, you need to have clear objectives. At Talkspirit, we use the OKR (Objective and Key Results) method to identify and track company and team objectives. This method associates each objective with ambitious key results to be achieved over a given period. 

Then get out the magnifying glasses—it’s time for analysis! 🔍 Pinpoint your company’s strengths and weaknesses by looking at the level of achievement of your OKRs. That way, you’ll be able to determine which teams need a little help and make better informed strategic decisions.

Activating these performance levers for your company is not trivial… To support your approach, you can opt for specific software. For example, our platform Holaspirit offers an OKR module for setting ambitious performance targets. 📈

tracking company performance using Holaspirit's OKR feature
Tracking OKRs on the Holaspirit platform

A final word

Now you better understand the main levers of business performance! By using these levers effectively, you can offer your company a new internal organization and boost productivity!

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