Talkspirit + Zapier = A simplified teamwork

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Talkspirit + Zapier = when teams are more efficient and the news spread out faster and better : a simplified teamwork that we love !

+500 apps connected to Talkspirit

We are super excited and glad to share with you this new feature : Talkspirit is now one of the 500 apps of the Zapier catalog. In other words, you can as from now connect more than 500  apps to Talkspirit and automate the diffusion of associated activities in one of your groups, so you can share them with your colleagues.

Discover how talkspirit and Zapier get along!

+500 apps connected to talkspirit

Make your teamwork more productive

Time saving, rapidity in spreading news, reactivity and simplified teamwork are the immediate profits of the setting of connections within teams. You can be sure that once you have set this up, you won’t be able to do without it!

Here is the few functions you can now activate by combining Talkspirit with one of the services you can find in the Zapier catalog (we talk about Zap to define a connector)

Talkspirit + RSS for your watch and the share of knowledge in your team. Connect with a few clicks any RSS source ( blogs, magazine.. ) to spread automatically a new message within on of your groups as soon as a new content is published on this source.

Activate the Zap Talkspirit + RSS

Talkspirit + Salesforce, Pipedrive for the monitoring of your commercial opportunities. Use the occasion to celebrate each time you win a new opportunity. Receive automatically a message when e new opportunity is registered in your pipeline or when you change your status.

Talkspirit + Asana, Basecamp, Jira, Trello for the management of your projects.To share news about your projects apart from your team has never been so simple. Talkspirit connects both with the main project management services and sharing task in SAAS mode. It diffuses automatically the creation of new tasks or the change of status apart from your team to keep them posted on the important news.

Activate Talkspirit + Box, Dropbox, Gdrive for you file and documents share. Your files are shared with your team/organization on Box, Dropbox or Gdrive? Receive automatically a message in one of your groups when a new file is published by one your co-workers in a specific file.

Talkspirit + Gmail. For those who would like to “integrate” their e-mails to the social network, this connector is the solution, without the spam. Transfer automatically your received e-mails put in favorites or associated to a specific tag as shared messages within your groups.

Activate Talkspirit + Gmail


It’s up to you!

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