And here’s Trello!

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Within just a few years, Trello has established itself as a must-have tool among project or task management solutions.

A number of you have asked us to directly integrate Trello with Talkspirit so that’s what we’ve done, but we’ve done it a little differently.

Trello – Talkspirit, how it works

Integrating it with Talkspirit is child’s play. Just go to the Services page on your Talkspirit platform and click Add. Log in with your Trello account and choose the board you want to receive notifications for when new cards appear. And that’s all! Simple, easy to access, no technical expertise required.

An integrated service unlike any other

We haven’t been content with simply posting a notification for each new card created in your Trello account.

Integration trello talkspirit
  • We’ve synchronized the title and description of your Trello card with your talkspirit post.
  • The name of the list where the card is located is also included in the title and updated.
  • The files contained in your Trello card are included as attached files with your Talkspirit post.

In this way, information seen and shared in the Talkspirit content stream is always up to date with your Trello card and its movement form one list to another.

trello - talkspirit

And now for the best bit!

The service will notify you of each change of list, and of each member who joins or leaves the card, in the form of a comment attached to the original post, in context! The updated post then returns to the top of the news feed, and your team members are immediately notified, enabling them to contribute.

Connect your Trello boards with Talkspirit now, in an existing group or in a new group dedicated to this service. By doing so, you’ll help the circulation of project information, notably for team members not directly involved in a project but who might need to identify project actions and their status as part of their role. The combination is like an ongoing real-time daily meeting.

How are you going to use both tools together? We look forward to reading your stories.

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