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Temps de lecture : 3 mn
L'équipe Talkspirit
L'équipe Talkspirit
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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

“The sales CRM for small teams with big ambitions”. This is the way we (re)discovered Pipedrive last year. We didn’t need to told any more to be interested, and we implemented it for the sales development of our new release of Talkspirit at the end of 2015. It seems like we won’t be the only ones! In just a few years, Pipedrive has become one of the “star” services for sales teams to track their opportunity pipeline.

An integration for what?

Today, the implementation of a CRM application to inform the sales process is a widespread organizational practice, and SAAS services have largely contributed to this growth. Most often, an organization has acquired a license for each member of its sales team at a cost that varies from around ten euros to more than a hundred euros per user per month. We can understand, then, why the organization only purchases these for employees who are actors in the sales process, thereby depriving others of access to a mine of information. Have you recognized a silo? Here’s one! “Those who don’t have access” then become dependent on “those who have access” to be informed of opportunities registered in the application. You know how this ends.

Integrations play an essential role in facilitating the sharing of information throughout the organization. Better informed, your teams, particularly downstream from production, can prepare themselves quicker, anticipate and better welcome new clients / projects. Information circulates more effectively in a controlled and selected manner for people who need to access it. It even seems that once you’ve used them, you can no longer do without them. We’ll leave it to you to confirm the truth of this!

Pipedrive – Talkspirit: how it works

In a similar way to Trello, integrating Pipedrive with talkspirit can be performed with a few clicks from the Services section. Go to “Pipedrive” and click on “Add”. Then you simply need to log in using your Pipedrive account, choose the pipeline you want to receive notifications for when new cards appear, and that’s all! Simple, easy to access, no technical expertise required.

Stay informed throughout the sales pipeline

pipedrive - talkspirit

The Pipedrive service isn’t just limited to informing you of new opportunities created in your pipeline. It also notifies you of each change of stage in the sales pipeline by automatically posting an update in the form of a comment attached to the initial post. The updated post then moves to the top of your news feed. Your team members are immediately informed and can react to this information directly in the conversation thread.

pipedrive talkspirit 2

Beyond integration, the pleasure of sharing

Over and above productivity gains linked to real-time information sharing, opportunities in your pipeline for all or part of your organization, the real benefit of this integration is perhaps to be found in the pride of your sales team at being able to show results, share the setbacks and successes, to be able to celebrate with the group each new client acquired or project won. Imagine a post appearing at the top of the news feed with the title “It’s a done deal!!!”, and what effect the likes and comments on this would have on a salesperson’s motivation and ultimately, their desire to surpass themselves.

It’s your move!

Connect now your Pipedrive pipelines to talkspirit within an existing group, or in a new group dedicated to this new integration.


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