Identify facilitators and experts according to the nature of the groups

L'équipe Talkspirit
L'équipe Talkspirit
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Depending on whether the groups are project groups, groups associated with a specific department or function, or thematic monitoring groups, the conditions for success will differ and depend greatly on the facilitators who will spearhead the project.

A project group will trigger itself and will exist autonomously in relation to the need its members will have to share the information and the documents necessary to the realization of their project.

However, for “community” groups that attract users to a common subject, the quality of the content will be a key element in convincing members to join and participate. Furthermore, less than 5% of members of such groups publish more than 50% of the content; the vast majority preferring to simply read, comment or ‘like’ the content published. It’s therefore essential, in preparation for the launch of these groups, to identify the people who will produce this content or monitor and curate their production. If you are using community leaders, keep in mind that a good facilitator is an individual who is recognized within the community they lead and is viewed with legitimacy concerning the issues they share.

Tasks to be carried out:


This article is part of a series focusing on to the best practices to be adopted for the launch and implementation of a collaborative platform or private social network within a company or organization.

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