C for Collaborative

c for collaborative
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“A corporate culture is not collaborative in itself; it has to be created and instilled within teams.” Emmanuel Vivier

The Collaborative in a Few Words

The term “collaborative” – generally associated with work – is intended to redefine the traditional organizational structure of companies operating in “silo” mode by relying on cooperation between team members. By working together for the benefit of each project, collaborative work pools the talents and skills of each collaborator.

Collaborative work has taken on a new dimension with the rise of information and communication technologies. Based on the values of sharing and exchange, it allows information to circulate more effectively thanks to tools and managerial practices that promote global responsibility and aim to create collective intelligence.

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What About the Digital Transformation in All This?

Collaboration is one of the central values of the digital transformation of companies. With digital usage, companies face a double challenge. On the one hand, they must meet consumer demands, and offer an intuitive customer experience centred on their needs through innovative products and services. Yet, consumers are also employees who have already adopted digital usages. Internally, the requirement is therefore the same.

This is why more and more companies are offering a collaborative experience, where collaborative work tools are proving to be powerful levers. Thanks to an enterprise social network, for example, information circulates, and the boundaries between departments fade away. The results: teams communicate better, are more reactive, are inspired by one another. As a result, cooperation becomes possible, allowing for more creativity and innovation. But tools are not enough. For everyone to take ownership of them, it is essential to set up a true collaborative culture.

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In a Nutshell

Offering products and services adapted to usages is one thing. But for the best innovations to come to fruition, let’s start by getting our teams involved in the collaborative field.

Collaborative and its Favorite Keywords

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“How to organize your collaborative project, follow the right indicators? Follow the right steps!”

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