5 advantages of collaborative work

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L'équipe Talkspirit
L'équipe Talkspirit
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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

According to L’Internaute, collaborative work is a way of working in which hierarchies vanish and where employees combine their creativity and skills in order to achieve a common goal.

With the “culture of sharing” growing in companies, it is no coincidence that many collaborative tools have been developed in recent years.

Indeed, moving towards a more collaborative work environment has clear advantages, which are essential for any manager or Human Resources director who feels a need to change the way people work in their company.

Here is our selection of the five main advantages of collaborative work:

Limiting time losses

Saving time is proudly ranked first among the advantages we have chosen to present to you. And for a good reason: this is a significant advantage, which is particularly noticeable and valuable (in terms of working time and therefore in euros!). After all, collaborative work often implies using collaborative tools. As a result, information is centralized on a dedicated platform, in order to increase accessibility and therefore the productivity of teams.

This has several effects, which could not be more positive:

  • Exchanges using a collaborative platform replace internal emails;
  • All these exchanges are gathered in the same place, and are accessible in real time by all stakeholders, who can thus easily interact;
  • Project management and monitoring are simplified and much less time-consuming,
  • No more browsing sessions, digging through your entire mailbox to find a file you can’t get your hands on.

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Gaining flexibility and being more responsive

The value of collaborative work is therefore temporal, yet it is also spatial.

Working more collaboratively and using collaborative tools allows indeed a high geographical flexibility. Once you are equipped with a collaborative platform, nothing prevents you from working efficiently on a project from the comfort of your countryside house, remotely, with colleagues located in Paris, Dubai or Sao Paulo!

Working in a team also allows you to be more responsive, when dealing with unexpected events and difficulties. By gathering all the data and exchanges in the same place, each team member can stay informed in real time about the progress of the project, the documents exchanged, and the obstacles encountered.

Improving the atmosphere at work

Collaborative work obviously means working with others. The days of working alone in front of your screen, working on what you will say during your weekly meeting are a thing of the past.

Working in a team allows you to exchange ideas between colleagues, valuing each other’s work and initiatives, and gradually establishing a trusting atmosphere. Kindness weaves itself and settles in. Real cohesion is formed between employees. The working atmosphere is therefore more relaxed, more pleasant and certainly more pleasant.

Encouraging the sharing of knowledge

Collaborative work allows people from very different backgrounds, trainings and experiences to work together. It is therefore a favorable environment for mutual aid and the pooling of skills within the group.

The use of collaborative tools, such as a corporate social network like Talkspirit, encourages emulation within a group. It also simplifies the acquisition of new skills and new working methods.

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Being more productive

Collaborative work is particularly developing thanks to the introduction of these new tools and collaborative platforms. These may be simple video conferencing tools, such as digital workplaces or corporate social networks.

These numerous tools are all designed to simplify the exchange and sharing of documents. This saves time, energy and streamlining, which makes it possible to be more efficient, more productive and achieve better results.

*   *

In addition to these five advantages of collaborative work, there are even more benefits: a better collective intelligence, increased transparency within companies, a better sense of belonging… Collaborative work is revolutionizing the daily lives of many employees.

Setting up a corporate social network is thus a first step towards the future of work! The Talkspirit teams are at your service to help you through this transition. As its CEO Philippe Pinault likes to remind us – the future of work is already here.

– Author: Paul Maubareyt

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