3 reasons why using an Enterprise Social Network is essential

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L'équipe Talkspirit
L'équipe Talkspirit
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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

6 out of 10 large companies have an enterprise social network (also called “ESN”), and the benefits are numerous, not only for large groups. Are you looking for a new way to improve productivity in your company? Using an enterprise social network is the solution. It’s simple: in 2020, thinking about setting up an internal social network within your company has become essential, and for several reasons.

#1 Saving time on a daily basis

How can I improve my employees’ productivity? This is a question that most business leaders regularly ask themselves. What’s more natural? The best way is certainly to help your employees make better use of their time. Optimize their time, allowing them to spend more of it on the most valuable missions.

Have you taken the time to evaluate how much time your employees spend:

Too much time. Way too much!

And yet, the solution is very near: because nowadays, the ESN  is an invaluable ally in time optimization.

Indeed, within the same platform, it brings together all exchanges on a project or topic: so many emails are no longer sent, which lightens everyone’s messages and minds. Videoconferences, live exchanges via instant messaging, and the ability to easily share documents with all the participants in a workgroup make it possible to avoid … avoidable meetings.

Finally, ESNs (and this is the case with Talkspirit) are often equipped with numerous connectors, which allow access to other tools without leaving the platform. No more juggling between your CRM, your cloud storage, and your Trello or Asana tables: all are accessible directly from Talkspirit!

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#2 Eliminating information losses

The notion of big data is certainly not unfamiliar to you. We have been living for decades in a world where information is worth its weight in gold. Within any organization, sharing and accessing information is a major issue, often too difficult to circulate and too little shared.

  • How many of your employees do monitoring work that could benefit others internally?
  • How many documents are sitting at the bottom of your colleagues’ mailboxes who have left your company?
  • How much crucial information has difficulty circulating between your different departments?

It is essential to limit this loss of information as much as possible.

This is precisely one of the huge advantages of using an enterprise social network. As a matter of fact, anyone can access the ESN, in real-time or asynchronously, from any type of device (computer, tablet, or mobile). Additionally, everyone can share but also access important documents, the latest news around your company, or your field of activity.

Employees can work together, without obstacles, even when they are working remotely or from offices hundreds of miles apart.

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#3 Working better, collectively

“Alone we go faster, together we go further.”

You are perhaps familiar with this popular saying. Setting up an enterprise social network makes it even more meaningful. Indeed, the ESN facilitates collaborative work, eliminates distance, and saves time, thus allowing us to go faster AND further together.

On the enterprise social network, your employees can pool their experience and share their knowledge. Working on projects is simple. Working in a team has never been easier or more efficient!

Finally, the ESN connects employees who may never have had other opportunities to talk to one another. It strengthens internal cohesion to encourage closer ties between departments and to reaffirm your company’s culture.

*        *

You’ve got it: in 2020, enterprise social networking is a must-have. However, its implementation must not be improvised. It is important that this is done in conjunction with your employees. Remember to accompany the change so that the transition is made smoothly.

Author : Paul Maubareyt

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