3 good reasons to launch an internal communication project in 2022

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When you think of ways to drive results for your business, what comes to mind? Maybe you think about investing in new technology, launching a new employee wellness initiative, or overhauling your hiring practices to attract the kind of talent you need for your organization to thrive.

And those are all great ideas. But there’s one strategy that’s sure to drive results that you may be overlooking—and that’s taking steps to launch an internal communication project.

An internal communication project can change things in and for your business and team—and change them for the better. Not entirely sold on the idea? Here are three solid reasons you should consider launching an internal communication project in 2022:

It will give you a competitive edge in the market

If you want your business to thrive, you need to find ways to gain an advantage over your competitors. And one way to get that competitive edge? Getting serious about internal communication and launching a project to get a strategy in place for your team and company.

According to the 2021 Global State of Internal Communication Report, more than half of companies lack a long-term internal communication strategy. That means, just by taking the time to develop an internal communication strategy, you’re already far ahead of over half of the competition.

There are a variety of ways developing an internal communication strategy can give you an edge of competitors. For example, with the right internal communication strategy, you can more easily and effectively disseminate information across your organization. That means employees will be fully in the loop on any important news and information you’d like them to know—which can help increase productivity and efficiency.

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Bottom line? There are a ton of companies out there that have failed to get their internal communication in line—so launching an internal communication project can be a great way to get a competitive edge in the market.

It can foster connection within your organization

You want your team to feel satisfied and engaged at work—and a big part of that job satisfaction and employee engagement comes down to connection.

But unfortunately, many employees feel disconnected with their co-workers, managers, and organization as a whole—particularly remote employees. According to Buffer’s 2022 State of Remote Work Report, nearly 1 in 5 remote workers said they had difficulties with communication and collaboration while working remotely—while more than half (52 percent) reported feeling less connected with their co-workers since making the shift to remote work.

If you want to empower your employees’ best work, you need to foster a sense of connection across your organization. And if you want to foster that connection, one of the best ways to do so? Launch an internal communication project.

By improving internal communication within your company, you can make it easier for employees to connect with their colleagues—and increase their job satisfaction and engagement in the process. For example, let’s say your internal communication project involves launching a new communication platform. By giving your team the technology they need to more easily, quickly, and effectively communicate (whether that’s exchanging information about an important project or just sharing photos of their dogs!), you provide them a space to form relationships with their colleagues—and a space for that much-needed connection to grow.

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It can help you hit other business goals

Obviously, when you launch a project centered around internal communication, your main objective is to improve internal communication—but the right project can help you hit far more business goals than that.

According to the Global State of Internal Communication Report, internal communications professionals have bigger goals in mind when they launch an internal communication project. The top five internal communication goals identified in the report include higher employee satisfaction (which 60 percent of respondents agreed is a top goal for their internal communication strategy), culture change, increased participation, improved productivity, and lower attrition.

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So, what does that look like in practice? Well, when you make your employees’ jobs easier—which the right internal communication project can certainly do—they’re likely to feel more satisfied at work. They’ll get more done (with less frustration!) and will be less likely to leave your organization. So, by launching your internal communication project, you didn’t just improve communication; you actually improved employee satisfaction, improved productivity, and lowered your attrition rate—hitting four business goals at once.

The point is, improving internal communication is critical. But when you launch an internal communication project, you can accomplish so much more than simply improving communication; you can actually move the needle on a variety of business goals.

Get out there and launch your project

There are plenty of projects you can launch in 2022 that would have a positive impact on your organization and your team. But, when done strategically, launching an internal communication project can be one of the most rewarding and effective—while driving serious results. So what are you waiting for? You know the reasons to launch an internal communications project; now all that’s left to do is get out there and do it!

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Author: Deanna deBara

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