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We have all reached a major milestone together; almost one year ago we officially launched the new version of talkspirit. Our true aim was, and always has been to support our customers in reaching their goals faster, by forming a simpler, more pleasant and more productive work life!

In less than one year, over 10.000 organizations have put their trust in talkspirit – and we are very thankful for that!

As a thank you for all the support we wanted to give something back to you, our dear customers. Here at talksSpirit we are constantly trying to improve our product, and frankly the only way to do that is by carefully listening to what our clients have to say. Based on the thousands of conversations we had over the past year, we have come to a realization.

As of right now, the free version of talkspirit can be seen as a trial offer; including unlimited chatting, suited with numerous features but limited to only 200 posts. We believe that the user shouldn’t be limited to 200 posts. We are therefore planning to drastically change the way we offer our current product packages, in a way to benefit our customers.

We wanted to provide simpler, and most of all better pricing packages to all our customers, whether on the free or the paid plan.

On Thursday the 3rd of November, we will remove talkspirit basic, workgroup and enterprise, and introduce talkspirit Free and Pro.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Pro version:

  • It will be priced at €3 per user, per month
  • Volume discounts are now available for enterprises with over 300 users
  • Discounts up to 50% are now available for non-profit associations
  • Guests will now become free when only invited to one group. Guests that are active in multiple groups at once will count as an actual member.

Here’s how the new Free and Pro plan are going to benefit our customers on the old plans:

Customers on the basic plan:

You will now be using the free plan; which is actually entirely free to use for as long as you possible like! It includes:

  • No more limitations with unlimited posts
  • Unlimited members
  • You can now add up to 5 integrations

Customers on the workgroup plan:

You will now be using the pro plan; which priced the same as the workgroup plan but includes all features from old enterprise plan! It includes the following changes:

  • Enjoy all the enterprise features
  • Enable the creation of private and secret groups
  • Enable group documents
  • Enable guests invitations (members with limited rights)

Customers on the enterprise plan:

You will now be using the pro plan; which includes the all the features you were used to for half the price!

Here’s some extra information:

Customers on the free plan can logically continue to invite an unlimited amount of members, whilst enjoying unlimited chat possibilities like before! The improved version of the free plan will not include the creation of secret and private groups. However, all clients that are currently enjoying the free plan will not experience any change in the current content they have. We will not remove, change or modify any existing content and is currently present on your account. However, features that the new free plan does not include won’t be available anymore.


Example: I am on the free plan and have several private groups, what will happen? Your private groups will stay the same, you can continue to work, add and remove people from these private groups. However, the creation of new private and secret groups is not possible anymore as this is not included in the free plan.

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